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indigo lavandula Perfume Oil 30ml


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Indigo lavandula is a luring scent of lavender, as a child I loved everything about lavender its smell, the way it looked even the way it feels when rubbing it together.

Lavender to me should be rich in flavour, deep and herbal, earthy and sweet. Indigo lavandula is the essence of that when creating this perfume oil. I've tried to capture a memory in my childhood, where I visited the grounds of Bridestowe Lavender Farm in Tasmania with my family. I've chosen to explore the dark side of lavender or you might say the depth of its colour, starting with a nice portion of pure lavender essential oil and combined it with accents of sandalwood and amber resin, add a nice touch of vanilla and rose, lemon to bring in freshness yet subtle that's so delicate to describe when trying to create a feeling behind this perfume oil.
indigo lavandula is fun loving perfume oil that brings me back to that bright sunny day with my family as we wondered through the fields of lavender. The sight of billowing blue and purple rows disappearing into a hazy horizon took my breath away as we stepped between the rows of lavender. I remember the aromatic scent that permeated the air, while looking in amazement over vastness of lavender.   
Indigo lavandula is a perfect perfume oil to soothe the senses and calm the nerves.
Top notes Lemon, Vanilla, 
Hearty notes Lavender, Rose 
Base notes Sandalwood, Amber

Carrier oil:  Organic Sweet Almond Oil

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